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International Symposium Ahrenshoop
on the Theory of Elementary Particles

Recent Developments in

String and Field Theory

August 27 - 31,   2012
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The conference will take place at the Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz
in the little village Wernsdorf just on the borderline of Berlin.

Organizing Committee 

Harald Dorn,  Jan Louis,  Jan Plefka,
Matthias Staudacher,  Stefan Theisen

The conference is supported by:

  Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, SFB 647 (Berlin) and SFB 676 (Hamburg).

The conference is partially supporting the activities of the Marie Curie International        
Research Staff Exchange Network UNIFY.

Overview talks:   S. Frolov            Some recent advances in AdS/CFT
                               M. Grana           String compactifications and (non) geometry
                               S. Gukov            A toolbox for N=2 theories in 3 and 4 dimensions
                               M. Marino          Matrix models for topological strings and superstrings
                               T. Takayanagi    Recent developments in holographic entanglement entropy 

Further speakers include: Ch. Ahn,  E. Bergshoeff,  M. Costa,  N. Drukker,  J. Erdmenger,  L. Ferro, M. Gaberdiel,  J. Gauntlett,  A. Hebecker,  R. Janik,  H. Jockers, A. Kashani-Poor,  V. Kazakov,   A. Klemm,  I. Kirsch, T. Klose,  Z. Komargodski,  R. Minasian,  H. Ooguri,  Y. Oz, D. Persson,  V. Pestun,  H. Samtleben,  S. Schäfer-Nameki,  C. Scrucca,  K. Skenderis,  A. Tanzini,  S. Vandoren,  M. Vasiliev,  D. Waldram,  T. Weigand, .........

For further information or registration send email to        ahoop      "at" , Registration is closed

On the history of this conference series      Talks of previous conference 2010

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