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How to reach the conference place:

The conference place is located in the south-eastern part of Berlin
near the borderline  to the neighbouring federal state Brandenburg.

The address is:

Wernsdorfer Str. 42
D-12527 Berlin
phone: +49-(0)30-675030

Information on public transport:

  • Public transport in Berlin is most efficient with S-Bahn (city train) and  U-Bahn (underground).
  • A complete map of the S-Bahn and U-Bahn net you find under URL

  • The S-Bahn station most suitable for the conference site is Grünau.  It is reached by lines S46 (direction Königs Wusterhausen) and S8 (direction Zeuthen). In addition Grünau is endpoint of line S85.
  • From Grünau you can reach the conference site by tram line 68 changing at the endpoint Alt Schmöckwitz to the bus line 733.
  • Unfortunately, due  to some reconstruction work, tram 68 is substituted by a bus. The bus stop is near the tram station and indicated as "Ersatzhaltestelle". 
  • Alternatively in Grünau you can switch to Taxi. You can call a taxi via +49 30 261026.
  • All railway stations have direct access to the S-Bahn net.

  • Berlin has two airports: Tegel and Schönefeld.
    Most international connections end in Tegel.
  • Tegel has no own S-Bahn or U-Bahn station. There are two possibilities : (in both cases ca. 1 hour to Grünau)
    a) Bus TXL to S-Bahnstation Beusselstr ---> S-Bahn S41 to S-Bahnstation Treptower Park
        --->  S-Bahn S8 or S9 to S-Bahnstation Grünau       or       
    b) Bus TXL to subway station Turmstr. ---> subway U9 to S&U station Bundesplatz (dir. Steglitz)
         --->  S-Bahn S46 (dir. Königswusterhausen) to Grünau.
  • Schönefeld  has a  S-Bahn station.  You can use any S-Bahn and change at the 3rd station (Adlershof) to line S46, S8, or S85.

  • Tickets are selled at automates located in the stations. They are valid in S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram and bus (including changes) for a total time of two hours. To reach the conference site you have to buy a ticket called "Einzelfahrausweis AB" (2.40 EURO). Coming from Schönefeld you need "Einzelfahrausweis BC" (2.80 EURO).
  • Note that buying a ticket and validating it at a nearby cancelling machine are two independent steps.

  • More information (in German), including how to reach the conference site by car, you can find under 
  • A city map where you can search and zoom you find under the URL 

The tram line 68 (Bus "Ersatzverkehr") starts in Grünau on Sunday every 20 minutes:
..., 15:16, 15:36, 15:56, ... until 00:16.

The tram needs 15 minutes to Alt Schmöckwitz. On Monday till Friday the timetable is the same.

The bus line 733 starts in Alt Schmöckwitz
on Sunday at ..., 16:10, 18:10, 20:10.  During the week it travels every hour until 21:10.

It takes you in 4 minutes to the station Schmöckwitzwerder where you have to leave for our conference site. There are no later buses. 

After leaving the bus you go a few steps in backward direction and then turn to the right into Wernsdorfer Str. After another 150 meters you find our conference place 
"Akademie Schmöckwitz".

On Sunday, August 26  after 18:30  we will organize some shuttle service between  the end station of tram line 68 (Alt Schmöckwitz) and the conference site (with half hour frequency until 21:00) .

Please let us know in advance if you will arrive in Alt Schmöckwitz very late in the evening.

inside the conference placeinside the conference place

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