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9:00- 10:00       Frolov       Marino       Grana       Takayanagi       Gukov
10:00- 10:30       Klose       Kashani-Poor       Minasian       Pestun       Jockers
Coffee * * *  * * * * * *  * * *  * * * 
11:00-11:30       Gaberdiel       Klemm       Kirsch       Komargodski       Kazakov
11:30-12:00       Ahn       Tanzini       Weigand       Samtleben       Skenderis
12:00-12:30       Erdmenger       Valandro       Hebecker       Scrucca       Ooguri 12:00 - 13:00
Lunch * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * * 
15:00- 15:30       Vasiliev       Drukker
free afternoon
      Waldram       the end
15:30- 16:00       Gauntlett       Costa       Vandoren      
Coffee * * *  * * *  * * *                  
16:30- 17:00       Persson       Janik       Bergshoeff         
17:00- 17:30       Oz
      Ferro       Nutma      
Dinner * * *  * * * 
* * * 

On Monday, before dinner, there will be a reception.

Overview talks will be given by :

S. Frolov
Some recent advances in AdS/CFT
M. Grana
String compactifications and (non) geometry
S. Gukov
A toolbox for N=2 theories in 3 and 4 dimensions
M. Marino
Matrix models for topological strings and superstrings
T. Takayanagi
Recent Developments in Holographic Entanglement Entropy     


Other speakers :

C. Ahn
Three-point function of QCD using Integrability
E. Bergshoeff
Massive Gravity and Supersymmetry
M. Costa
Conformal Regge Theory
N. Drukker
The quark-antiquark potential in N=4 SYM
J. Erdmenger
New applications of gauge/gravity duality
L. Ferro
New features of scattering amplitudes
M. Gaberdiel
Minimal Model Holography
J. Gauntlett
Holographic superfluids and the dynamics of symmetry breaking
A. Hebecker
Moduli Stabilization in Fluxbrane Inflation
R. Janik
Algebraic curve for Wilson loops and correlation functions
H. Jockers
Spherical partition functions and Gromov-Witten invariants
A. Kashani-Poor
AGT and the topological string
V. Kazakov
Hirota integrable dynamics: from quantum spin chains to AdS/CFT integrability,
I. Kirsch
Holography of the Chiral Magnetic Effect
A. Klemm
ABJM Wilson loops in Fermi gas and topological string approach
T. Klose
Worldsheet form factors in AdS/CFT
Z. Komargodski
Comments on Supersymmetric Theories on Curved Spaces
R. Minasian
D-brane couplings and B-field
T. Nutma
Polycritical gravities
H. Ooguri
Modular constraints on CY compactifications
Y. Oz
The Entropy Current
D. Persson
Generalised Mathieu Moonshine and Holomorphic Orbifolds
V. Pestun
N=2 ADE quiver gauge theories and integrable systems
H. Samtleben
New superconformal models in six dimensions
C. Scrucca
Scalar geometry and masses in Calabi-Yau string models
K. Skenderis
Lifshitz as a deformation of Anti-de Sitter
A. Tanzini
Strongly coupled sectors of gauge theories from irregular states of Liouville theory
R. Valandro
Global models with moduli stabilisation in type IIB/F-theory
S. Vandoren
Magnetic strings, M5 branes, and N=4 SYM on del Pezzo surfaces: A 5d/2d/4d correspondence
M. Vasiliev
Holography, Unfolding and Higher-Spin Theories
D. Waldram
Supergravity as generalised geometry
T. Weigand Fluxes and M5-brane instantons in F-theory


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