My interests are in microscopic processes in biology and in the functioning of cellular networks. I develop theoretical and numerical methods to understand physiological processes and network dynamics from the viewpoint of physics (statistical mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, stochastic processes, ...). I have mainly worked on various aspects of intracellular calcium dynamics, a central signaling network in cells. Other projects concern machine learning for pattern recognition in fluoresence imaging and dendritic growth.


Current projects:

Dendritic growth and Deep Learning
2018-2020 (DFG, RU 1660)
with Malte Kähne
Page rank method for football leagues
since 2017
Epidemics and mutations on networks since 2015


February 2020: Our paper on epidemics and mutations on networks was accepted at Nature Scientific Reports: click here
December 2018: The web page on the ranking of football teams is online:
June 2015: We published our work on firing rates in neuronal network with degree correlation in PLOS ONE
June 2015:
The paper on intracellular calcium release in neurons (PLOS Biology) is now online (synopsis).
May-July 2015: We welcome Elisenda Tibau (U Barcelona), who visits us to work on aggregated neurons in cultures.
January 2015: Our paper on modulated calcium release from a cluster of IP3Rs has appeared in PLOS Comp Biol.
November 2014: Malte Kähne joined the group. He will work on reconstruction of neural networks in the retina.
January 2014:
The review on stochastic calcium models was published in Phys. Rep.

contact: sten.ruediger (.a.t.)