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Research topics

Micro- and nanofluidics, soft matter out of equilibrium
Mesoscopic dynamics of biological and biochemical systems
Reaction-advection-diffusion systems, mixing and pattern formation
Multiphase flows, transport phenomena, contact line dynamics and wetting

Recent and ongoing projects

"Transport and collective dynamics of colloidal particles in a magnetic ratchet potential", a bilateral German-Spanish project between HU Berlin (PI A. Straube, theory) and University of Barcelona (PI P. Tierno, experiment) funded by DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), 2014-2015
"Rectified transport in chains of paramagnetic colloids driven over garnet film", a travel grant by ESF (European Science Foundation) to set up collaboration with the experimental group by Pietro Tierno (University of Barcelona, Spain), March 2013
"Multidimensional models of molecular motors at the transition from microscopic to mesoscopic dynamics" within International Research Training Group (IRTG) 1740: "Dynamical Phenomena in Complex Networks: Fundamentals and Applications" by DFG (German Research Foundation) and FAPESP (Research Foundation by São Paulo State, Brazil), ongoing since 2011
"Small-scale particle advection, manipulation and mixing: beyond the hydrodynamic scale" (2006-10), project leader
Grant within DFG Priority Program 1164 "Nano- and Microfluidics", projects No. STR-1021/1-1 and No. STR-1021/1-2
"Dynamical aspects of wetting, contact lines and suspensions" (2008-11)
A German-Russian collaborative initiative funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) and Russian Foundation for Basic Research
"Dynamics of colloidal systems at small scales" (2009)
Travel grant by HPC-EUROPA2 for a research stay at Oxford University along with the access to HPC facilities, EPCC Edinburgh
"Dynamics of droplets in contact with oscillated solid surfaces" (2008-09)
A 6-month DAAD German-Russian grant for a postdoc visitor (I. Faizrakhmanova, see publications)


Pietro Tierno (University of Barcelona, Spain)
Focus on: collective effects in colloidal suspensions of driven paramagnetic particles
Alex Snezhko and Igor Aronson (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
Focus on: self-assembly ferromagnetic particles suspended at liquid interfaces
Ard A. Louis, Roel P.A. Dullens and Dirk Aarts (University of Oxford, UK)
Focus on: soft matter systems, mesoscopic modeling
Gerhard Schmid and Peter Hänggi (University of Augsburg, Germany)
Focus on: Dynamics Brownian particles in confined geometries
Ramon Grima (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Focus on: stochastic models of reaction networks
Arkady Pikovsky (University of Potsdam, Germany)
Focus on: reaction-advection-diffusion systems, mixing-induced instabilities
Sergey Shklyaev (Institute of Continuum Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia)
Focus on: contact line dynamics and wetting, transport phenomena in multiphase systems