Research Topics

Oscillations, fluctuations and transport



In a number of mathematically oriented projects, we study generic features of stochastic nonlinear systems. Systems in physics and biology display noisy oscillations that are challenging to describe from the theoretical point of view. We develop analytical frameworks for such oscillations, e.g. the notion of a phase for a stochastic system (Thomas and Lindner 2014), analytical approximations for spectral measures of single oscillators (Kromer et al. 2014a, b, Giner-Baldo et al. 2017) and coupled systems (Dierkes et al. 2012, Fruth et al. 2014, V├╝llings et al. 2014, Amro et al. 2015). We work on relating fluctuations and response to external stimuli in non-equilibrium systems (Willareth et al. 2017) and on transport properties of stochastic systems (Lindner and Sokolov 2016).