[Photo] Dr. Arthur Straube
Research Fellow

Group "Theory of Stochastic Processes"
Department of Physics
Humboldt University of Berlin

General focus of research: Biophysics, Dynamics of Complex Fluids, Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation

Research interests

Micro- and nanofluidics, soft matter out of equilibrium
Mesoscopic dynamics of biological and biochemical systems
Reaction-advection-diffusion systems, mixing and pattern formation
Multiphase flows, transport phenomena, contact line dynamics and wetting


In case your research involves intense numerics, you might be interested in HPC-Europa Visitor Program, which provides transnational access to high performance computing (HPC) resources, see http://www.hpc-europa.org. I have positive experience with this initiative (HPC Host - EPCC Edinburgh, Research Host - Oxford) and appreciate their further efforts.